Some wrestlers become extremely popular being a heel, but others are not quite that good at it. In this article, we will take a journey to discover the worst heels in WWE history. Are you ready to discover who cannot bring themselves to be mean?


Naomi is one of those wrestlers who is nice as pie, so she makes a wonderful face. However, when she turned heel during the women’s revolution, it was clear that Naomi did not enjoy her role too much.

She stated that she found it hard to be a heel in an episode of Total Divas, and you could honestly tell. However, once she got in the ring, she was positively vicious.

Fortunately, the WWE decided to turn Naomi face again and let us feel the glow! I’m glad, because a smiling Naomi is much better than heel Naomi.


Sorry Nattie, I love you, but you are a horrible heel. Like Naomi, Natalya is undoubtedly one of the sweetest people on the roster today. Unfortunately, this also means that it is more difficult to hide her true character.

Despite being a heel, Natalya cannot stop smiling. Even when she tries to be mean, it still comes over as sweet. Still, the fact that she makes such a horrible heel does stand out, so I would not change a thing about her right now.

Michael Cole

Michael Cole’s heel turn is the reason why many people hate him today. In 2010, Michael Cole did his infamous heel turn, which involved reading emails from the “anonymous GM.” It also included a rivalry with Lawler.

The real problem of Michael Cole’s heel turn was not that he did a bad job, he was actually doing it too well. Being the main commentator, every RAW episode had a dominant heel tone to it. Fans also claimed that this heel turn lasted way too long because it only ended when Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack during a live broadcast. Afterwards, Michael Cole had to turn face, since he handled the situation like a true hero. Still, I would be lying if I said I did not enjoy his heel turn a little.

The NWO Wolfpac

If I had to choose the worst heels in history, it would probably be the NWO Wolfpac; this was a branch of the original NWO. Of course, in true NWO-style, this will be a little complicated to explain.

The NWO Wolfpac turned heel when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall ended Goldberg’s undefeated streak. This was then followed by a match between Hogan and Nash, where Hogan beat Nash by poking his chest with his finger. They would then reveal they were in it together. Well, that hadn’t been done before… Needless to say, fans were incredibly annoyed by it all and this certainly spelled the beginning of the end for the NWO. Stupidest story-line ever!

Who do you think is the worst heel in wrestling history? Let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll look forward to reading it!

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