Former WWF wrestler, commentator, and Hall of Famer Jesse “The Body” Ventura has had one of the more colorful post-wrestling careers. He became a movie star and successful politician. Lately, though, The Body has been known for engaging in wild conspiracy theories and strange causes.

He engaged in a heated legal battle against the family of decorated veteran Chris Kyle. Kyle wrote in his book American Sniper about an alleged confrontation with Ventura where the two exchanged blows over Ventura bad-mouthing our troops and the War in Iraq.

However, a jury later found that Kyle, who during proceeding was murdered in an unrelated incident, exaggerated and possibly fabricated the incident. A jury awarded Ventura $1.8 million in damages. It was later turned over on appeal.  Ventura later announced his intention to sue Kyle’s estate and widow to recoup what he was owed.

This is what Fox News’ Jesse Watters wanted to discuss with Ventura at a recent political rally. It did not go well.

“Were you high when you sued Chris Kyle’s widow?” Watters calmly asked.

Ventura was visibly caught off guard by the question.

“Was I high?” he replied. “You know, that’s a bulls**t question and I expect if from someone from Fox.”

“It’s a serious question,” Watters shot back.

“No, no it ain’t,” Ventura said. “No it ain’t because I never sued the widow — I sued him.”

Watch the tense exchange below:

I don’t know who this Watters fellow is, but he seemed ready to go up and pick a fight with Ventura. Why he would do something like that is beyond me. It certainly doesn’t look good for Ventura to sue a widow of a decorated war hero, either. Ventura’s abrasive and heelish attitude transcends the commentary booth. He has always been no-nonsense, well except for his outfits.

Jesse The Body Ventura

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