It’s time for another list! This time, I cannot wait to provide you with my list of favorite NXT wrestlers. Naturally, I hope that the following wrestlers make it to the main roster soon!


I would be crazy not to include Asuka in this list. Currently still undefeated, Asuka has taken NXT by storm and is bound to become a legend one day. I cannot wait to see what she’ll do on the main roster!

Ember Moon

When Ember Moon made her debut in NXT, I immediately adored her. I even liked her just as much as Asuka, which made it hard for me to pick a favorite when she fought the Empress of Tomorrow. Still, I believe that Ember Moon might be the one to eventually take the title from Asuka.

Bobby Roode

If you never heard of Bobby Roode, you’ve probably been living under a wrestling rock for the past couple of months. Since his arrival at NXT, everyone has been loving the “glorious” one! Me included!


Since there are a couple of people from Sanity I have been following religiously, I decided to mention them as a group here. I believe this group is ready for the main roster, since they could be just as big as the Shield was!

No Way Jose

I must admit I did not like No Way Jose in the beginning, so I warmed up to him over time. Now, I get so excited when his music hits, because it always seems to warm up the crowd! He also puts on some great matches, so what is not to love?

Authors of Pain

I believe the Authors of Pain and Paul Ellering are a good combination, because it makes the Authors of Pain an entity to fear. I’ll say this now – these guys are going to be major on the main roster! Still, I believe it is going to be quite some time before the Authors of Pain make their main roster debut.

Aleister Black

I’ve got to be brutally honest, but I was not sure I should include Aleister Black in the list. For the love of God why, you may ask? Well, I believe Aleister Black is set to skip NXT completely and I think deservingly so!

When Aleister Black made his debut on NXT, he gave me the same chills as the Undertaker. The Undertaker is an absolute legend, so I do not make this statement lightly. Still, I believe Aleister Black is going to be the next big legend with a limitless career ahead of him.

Billy Kay

The last person on my list is Billy Kay. Even though she does not stand out as much on the roster due to Asuka and Ember Moon, this woman has a wealth of talent and loads of experience. Therefore, she would make a fine addition to the main roster.

Is your favorite NXT wrestler on the list? Or did I miss your favorite NXT wrestler? Let us know your top 5 with favorite NXT wrestlers below! I cannot wait to read your favorites!

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