Despite many fans using the hashtag #FireJBL and #BringTHISToTheTable, it doesn’t look like the WWE is going to punish the renowned bully at all. Instead, rumors are circulating on major wrestling news website, including Sportskeeda and Cageside Seats, that WWE is going to turn JBL babyface.

It Will Blow Over


According to my sources, WWE management has discussed the JBL situation and is convinced the whole thing is just going to blow over. Their first concern is addressing JBL’s public persona, which could include turning him into the babyface commentator.

The turn of JBL was quite clear at Tuesday night’s SmackDown, where many fans noticed a much more docile JBL. However, the #FireJBL movement is not losing any steam, since WWE fans were supporting Mauro with “Fire Bradshaw” chants throughout the show. Even though these weren’t as clear on TV, there are many videos circulating the net providing that the #FireJBL movement is very much alive.

JBL Rant About Mauro In Public

The thing that infuriates me, even more, is the fact that JBL just can’t stop his appalling behavior. What sent it over the age was when he took his bullying in public.

Bring It To The Table showed what kind of man here really is. He bullied the man out of the company and mocks his personality on TV. Is this the type of behavior you reward WWE? How is he not being held accountable yet?

Reactions of the WWE Universe

I’m not the only one who has a strong opinion about JBL and the lack of repercussions he got from the WWE. While there are some responses in support of JBL, claiming he is only ribbing, not bullying, many WWE fans are still asking for JBL to be fired.

Here are some responses from wrestling fans recently placed online:

  • “I’ve got nothing worthwhile to say, so I’m gonna say it loud” F***ing idiot.
  • jbl is an a**hole and an ignorant bully… everyone knows… fire this unapologetic insecure clown now !
  • JBL is by all accounts an a**hole, bully and idiot who treats people like shit just because he can. He’ll get what’s coming to him one day and it won’t be pretty when it does happen.

Even though there were many more responses, I just wanted to pick out these ones to display how angry some WWE fans are. By ignoring their fans, and not reprimanding JBL in any way, WWE is angering their fans more. Some even stated they canceled their WWE Network subscription over it.

Is This a Solution for Real Life Bullying Behaviour?


I cannot believe the stance the WWE is taking at the moment. All they are doing is changing JBL’s public persona, but nothing is being done to deal with the bully backstage.

Several superstars are afraid to come forward because of the power this man has, mainly due to a good relationship with Vince McMahon and other major players within the company. Bullying should have repercussions, not just a character change. Period!

What do you think about the lack of punishment for JBL?

Your Thoughts

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